MobiCare at Divine Mercy Hospital- Father Bash Foundation.

Here, a Nurse prepares Patient files following MobiCare Appointments. Divine Mercy Hospital is one of the Health facilities MobiCare has partnered with to carry out a Pilot Evaluation.

Participants training is also one of the activities we are undertaking at Divine Mercy Hospital- Father Bash Foundation.

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MobiCare at Mayanja Memorial Hospital.

MobiCare is undertaking a pilot evaluation in five health facilities. Mayanja Memorial Hospital is one of these health facilities. In this pilot evaluation, MobiCare is carrying out enrollment of participants and these include Health workers and Users of MobiCare. MobiCare intends to recruit 200 users and 22 health workers as per IRB approval. So far, We have enrolled 125 of the 200 users and 15 of the 22 health workers. With the help of Research Assistants stationed at the different health facilities, this has been possible.

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Health worker Training at Mbarara Doctor’s Plaza Medical Center.

A MobiCare application developer trains health workers on how to use MobiCare . This took place at Mbarara Doctor’s Plaza Medical Center. The Health workers are trained on how to use the different features from a health workers interface. Such features include: My Appointments, My Patients etc. These features help the health worker to quickly navigate through the application and attend to his/her patient, respond to any pending appointments. There is so much MobiCare can do for you as as a Health worker. Simply Go to Google Play Store and Download MobiCare by MobiCare Uganda Limited and MobiCare Users will be able to reach out to you wherever you are.

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