Dr. Edgar Mulogo

Dr. Edgar Mulogo is a public health specialist and Chair and Associate Professor for the Department of Community Health at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). He has extensive experience in health service delivery in rural Communities. As site principal investigator of the Bugoye Community Health Collaboration (BCHC) he has been involved in local health programming and health service monitoring and evaluation since 2011.
In collaboration with medical professionals and community-based healthcare practitioners, Dr. Mulogo explored the myriad challenges facing the rural medical community including sanitation, contraceptive use in adolescents, oral health in school-aged pediatric patients, and the impact of
completing birth plans among expectant mothers in rural Uganda.

Dr. Mulogo has participated in health systems performance assessments within the WHO Framework, working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Uganda. He has extensive applied and research experience in health information systems databases, health policy development, decentralized health systems, development of partnerships for health, among others. Dr. Mulogo has almost two decade’s experience in development of partnerships for health and conceptualization and implementation of health programs for local and vulnerable population groups, in a wide range of areas of medical practice. In addition to his clinical research in Uganda, Dr. Edgar Mulogo is responsible for training and mentoring undergraduate medical students’ and graduate public health and clinical students in health services and systems research. He has 40 publications in peer reviewed journals with 37 listed on PubMed under the US National Library of Medicine (NLS) and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Moses Openja

Moses is a software developer with thorough professional experience in all software engineering levels, from development to testing, performance, integration, functional, system, regression, and user acceptability testing. A supportive and enthusiastic team player dedicated to streamlining the processes and efficiently resolving project issues and willing to take ownership of core components.

He is also involved in several research groups related to empirical software Engineering, Software maintenance and evolution in the software ecosystem, Release engineering, and deployment of the Machine learning application.  

He is currently pursuing his research program, leading to developing an efficient tool and technique to support machine learning-based application deployment. His ambition is to become a leading researcher in software quality of Machine Learning-based applications.

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Blessing Davis

Blessing Davis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering majoring in software engineering. He has worked in several capacities such as software developer, Information Technology technician at Innovation streams limited and Dott services limited respectively.

Currently he is working in the areas of Data management, Monitoring and evaluation on USAID funded HIV/TB projects ie. USAID-RHITES-SW that was implemented by Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation(EGPAF) and now USAID RHITES-SW Local Partner Health Services- Ankole Region Project that is being implemented by TASO Uganda.
Davis is passionate about Health Informatics, software development, Monitoring and Evaluation and all aspects of Information Technology.

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Nura Izath

Nura Izath, Bsc.Comp. Nura holds a bachelor’s degree of Science in Computer Engineering from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). Nura has worked on a number of projects in health: MobiCare; a mobile based application that links patients to health care professionals. On MobiCare, Nura worked with the MobiCare team to acquire ethical approvals from the MUST – Research Ethics Committee and from the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology.

She has also conducted a feasibility and Acceptability study for MobiCare application in 5 private health facilities of Mbarara Municipality with a total of 129 participants. Among the other projects are: Digital Speech Assistant (DSA); a mobile based application that aids communication between the deaf patients and the health care providers, Autothermo; a continuous neonatal temperature monitoring device with a remote temperature display capability. PEDCan, a mobile-based application that aids suspicion of childhood cancer using signs and symptoms. Nura has received grants and awards- from the CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP) award 2019 and from Ministry of ICT and National Guidance 2019. Nura was also recently recognized by UN Women and Ministry of Gender and Social Development as the award winner for 2019 girl flourish awards under the category of innovations.

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Kamuhire Emmanuel

Emmanuel Kamuhire is a Biomedical Engineer and a member of the Medical Image-based Inference and Distributed Diagnosis (Mi2D2) research group at the University of Cape Town (UCT).
He obtained his undergraduate training in Computer Engineering from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), and briefly volunteered with the Faculty of Computing and Informatics from 2013 to 2015 as a Tutorial Assistant, supporting the Computer Engineering and Information Technology Program.
His research is broadly focused on the contextually appropriate use of technology to improve the lives of people in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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Ms. Nuriat Nambogo

Ms. Nuriat Nambogo, BDS, Msc. MS: Ms. Nuriat is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MobiCare Uganda Limited and the Principal Investigator of the MobiCare Project. has experience in project management and implementation. She works as the Research and Grants Manager at CAMTech Uganda as well as managing and coordinating CAMTech’s program activities and finances. At CAMTech Uganda, Nuriat is also in charge of training and mentoring innovators in Scientific/ grant writing. Nuriat sits on the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance’s National ICT Initiative Support Program (NIISP) board. She is an innovator with a number of innovation projects that she has started and led including: MobiCare- a mobile based application that links patients to health workers of their choice for medical consultation and appointment scheduling, I-Dress- an affordable wound dressing material made out of honey and olive oil impregnated in gauze and has been tested on mothers that delivered on caesarean section, SaniDrop Hand Sanitiser, among others. On this team, Nuriat will spearhead the team that will be doing systems requirements gathering.

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